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40 lugares para se conhecer antes de morrer.

segunda-feira, março 10, 2014

/ by Vitor Lima

1. Antelope Canyon, USA

Bamboos for: James Marvin Phelps , Rob Inh00d

2. As ilhas phi phi, Tailândia

Bamboos for: Jo@net , Goianobe , CX15
3. Santorini, Grécia
Bamboos for: MarcelGermain Maggie & David
4. Ilhas Malvidinas
Bamboos for: iujaz , aquabumps
5. Machu Picchu, Peru
Bamboos for: Tati@ , szeke , magnusvk

6. A grande muralha da china

Bamboos for: Francisco Diez , topgold
7. Ilha de gelo
Bamboos for: shchukin , Stuck in Customs
8. Ilha Bora Bora 
Bamboos for: kenyai , jsmoral , Pierre Lesage
9. The Wave, Arizona, USA
Bamboos for: Alaskan Dude , DIVA007
10. Petra, Jordânia
Bamboos for: ralwic , rwoan
11. A caverna dos cristais - México
Bamboos for: ourfunnyplanet , nicole_denise
12. Lago Moraine, Canadá
Bamboos for: A tea but no e , T.P Photographie
13. Grand Canyon, USA
Bamboos for: carbonboy , paigeh
14. Berry Head Arch, Canadá
Bamboos for: Rexton
15. Monument Valley, USA
Bamboos for: Wolfgang Staudt
16. Plitvice, Croácia
Bamboos for: korom , mpancha
17. Preikestolen, Noruega
Bamboos for: Today is a good day
18. Pamukkale, Turquia
Bamboos for: Le Grand Portage , pic fix , RICCIO , sterol.andro
19.ilha Socotra , Yemen
Bamboos for: over-logging , Soqotra (Yemen)
20. Lago Carrera
Bamboos for: Feffef

21. Bagan, Myanmar

Bamboos for: Martin Sojka
22. Salar De Yuyni, Bolivia
Bamboos for: Tomas Rawski | szeke | jo vh | kk+
23. Ha Long Bay, Vietnã
Bamboos for: chii :3 | Andrew Hux |
24. Angkor Wat, Cambodia
25. Cataratas do iguaçu, Brasil & Argentina
26. Os doze apóstolos, Austrália
Bamboos for: emmettanderson
27. Parque Nacional de Yosemite, Califórnia, EUA
Bamboos for: tychay | Christopher Chan | *~Dawn~*
28. Meteora, Grécia
29. Perito Moreno Glacial, Argentina
Bamboos for: Piero… | Andres_age | rsepulveda | dirkoneill
30. Bryce Canyon, Utah, USA
Bamboos for: Moyan_Brenn | Paul Fundenburg
31. Seychelles
Bamboos for: dibaer | rachel_thecat |
32. As pirâmides de Gizé - Egito
33. Azores
Bamboos for: Patxi64 | eduardowallenstein | F H Mira | joeri-c
34. Positano, Itália
Positano is one of the highlights to visit when you come to Italy. With all its chic hotels, apartments and fancy restaurants it’s managed to maintain its traditional character. The stunning coastline from Capo di Sorrento to Positano is an adventure on itself. Not many people know that Positano is originally not a fishermans village, but a mountain village. During the 14th and 15th century the little villages along the Amalfi Coast acted as an independent country. To protect themselves they built their houses and churches high on and inside the mountain rocks.Between the 16th century and the beginning of the 19th century the Italian people, forgot this beautiful village and in place, the intellectuals and artists rediscovered the magic of Positano. Now Positano is one of Italy’s most exclusive resorts, attracting celebrities, artists, musicians and writers for many decades.[14]

35. Tanah Lot, Bali

Bamboos for: fabiogis50 | mikaku | Christopher Chan
36. Ilha Palawan, Filipinas
Bamboos for: mr.Alexander | Storm Crypt
37. Cataratas dos anjos, Venezuela
Bamboos for: Inti
38. Tianzi Mountains, China
Bamboos for: Richard J… | john0philip | whertha | mke1963 | Salanderlacitadelle
39. Uluru, Australia
Bamboos for: Franco Caruzzo | TheCreativePenn
40. Hamilton Pool, Texas, USA

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